Projects, Collaborations & Grants


  • 2020 EasyFAIR. Swissuniversities. In collaboration with ETHZ, ZHAW, HSLU.
  • 2019 Renku proposal for GCP research credits. Google Cloud Platform GCP research credits grant.
  • 2021 Renku Integration at FSO. Mandate with the Federal Statistics Office.
  • 2020 BAG Health Data Science. Collaboration with the COVID Task Force.
  • 2020 Deploying Renku in an offline environment. Collaboration with the Health2030 Genome Center.
  • 2019 Renku deployment at Openshift. Mandate and collaboration with Red Hat.


  • 2013 – 2018 Towards Resource Efficient Datacenters. Grant from Microsoft Research. Swiss Joint Research Center.

    • Kairos

      Kairos is a preemptive data center scheduler that runs without the need of task runtime estimates. It is implemented as part of Yarn and it uses Docker containers to achieve a lightweight preemption.
      Source code:

    • Eagle and Hawk 

      Hawk is a Hybrid Data Center Scheduler presented at Usenix ATC 2015.

      It takes the best of both worlds combining centralized and distributed schedulers. It has the following main features:

      1. Hybrid Scheduling. Schedules Long jobs in a centralized way (better scheduling decisions) and Short jobs in a distributed way (better scheduling latency).

      2. Work stealing. To do better load balance when a node is free it will contact another one and ‘steal’ the short-latency-sensitive jobs in the queue.

      3. Partitioning. It prevents Long jobs from taking all the resources in the cluster so that Short jobs do not experience head-of-line blocking.

      Eagle is a hybrid scheduler presented at SoCC 2016 and it aims to avoid the Head-of-Line blocking that short jobs experience in distributed schedulers by providing and approximate/fast view of the Long jobs.
      Source code:

  • 2013 Research intern in Systems and Networking Simulation Research for Fabric Computers, Microsoft Research Cambridge. Anthony Rowston.
  • 2012 Large-scale task scheduling in Hadoop. LABOS, EPFL. Prof.  Willy Zwaenepoel.
  • 2012 Domain Specific Language for Distributed Algorithms in Scala. Master project LSR, EPFL, Prof. André Schiper.
  • 2011 Invariant Verifier for Parallel Programs Semester project LAMP, EPFL, Martin Odersky.
  • 2011 STAMP in Java: Benchmark for Software Transactional Memory. Semester project LPD, EPFL, Prof. Rachid Guerraoui.